My name is Miłosława Skoczek- Śliwińska.I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture in Warsaw. Milarte is my "old- new" space - which I founded and designed.

The decision to choose the way of life was a consequence of my artistic tastes.The passion of creating came naturally in my world, surrounded by dozens of designs, drawings of my Father- sculptor.A workshop in which he created paintings, sculptures, a workshop which smelled of freshly brewed tea mixed with the smell of oil paints and cigarette smoke was a magical place - here my artistic sensibility began to develop.

I watched the creative process with great curiosity and deep down I wanted this dimension of life to become mine in the future.

Since I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, but also over the course of study I touched upon many levels of expression, whether it was a form of painting, graphics, sculpture or participation in theatrical performances of Academy, all these experiences are part of Milarte.

I revolve around the theme of the human being in my works - its condition, inner emotions, experiences - I invite you to a journey into the depths of the inner life.

It's an encouragement to stop for a moment, reflect and look at the intimate world of each of us.

It's this idea that accompanies me in the process of designing jewelry that appeals to feelings, sensitivity, individual associations and looking at the surrounding nature, its rhythm and everyday life.

Ornament and symbolism are my trademark.I like the hidden message because it gives it something special, taste and timelessness.

Each Rosette has a name and what follows is rich symbolism and individual interpretations.Four Corners of the World, Heart, Cross and floral patterns refer to both the power of Nature and human presence in its development.Nature, its character and rhythm are the source of unusual fascination in my projects.

I find the inspiration for my work in everyday life, dreams, jewelry from past eras, I am especially fond of victorian jewelry - richness of its forms, harmony and finesse of build.

For centuries jewelry has been a valuable source of knowledge about the customs, beliefs of people.

It was an amulet, a sign, a symbol of faith and magical power.

I have a dream that Milarte jewelry gives faith, energy and is the key to awaken our subconsciousness.